Zhong jiang Metal Products Co., LTD.

Zhong jiang Metal Products Co., LTD. Was established in eighty s, is a highly innovative high-tech enterprise of globalization. The company specializing in the production of slippery course, ordinary hinge, hydraulic hinge etc series products. Even today, by market investigation, information feedback. Product development design, enterprise planning, production, quality testing; Product marketing, after-sale service every link to strive for perfection. This reflects the spirit of enterprise, culture and strength.


with the establishment of the company and arises at the historic moment, with the spray powder slippery course and hydraulic hinge form product of main sales structure, through more than 20 years of baptism, WUHU®brand in China furniture fittings products has been in the industry based on the foundation, and the more get the parties and the end user acceptance.

With the more than 20 year of hardware manufacturing and design, management, sales experience, now I company in 2002 independent research and development success in WUHU ® hydraulic hinge and the brand appeared in furniture fittings of the high-end products in the ranks.

Sincere Service

Sincere service is our commitment to service as always, let us in the competition and cooperation to achieve a win-win situation!


A series of groundbreaking innovations has given our company and our products a well deserved reputation


We have many years of production experience, to bring us the best products and services, so that you can rest assured.


Excellent technical team, give you quality products and a high quality supplier.



The company seeks diversification and decides to enter the construction hardware industry. Put into production high quality doors and windows slide.


Zhong Jiang works with a group in Zhaoqing successfully developed the first hydraulic hinge in china.


Set up Zhong Jiang Metal Products Co., Ltd., one of the earliest private enterprises established in the city.


Registered as "Zhong Jiang Hardware Factory", engaged in the production of leather goods, furniture hardware.


Mr. Wu Niuqing, the former chairman of the company, bought the state-owned collective production enterprise of Zhongjiang, namely the predecessor of Zhong Jiang company.


With scientific and meticulous enterprise management, stable and excellent product quality, honest and trustworthy work attitude, we has been awarded a number of honors in recent years.All kinds of products sell well all over the country, exporting to Asia, America, Europe and many other countries and regions, and have a good reputation in the market.

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